Work History + Resume

—  Covering a wide range of experience over the years has helped me be able to apply myself to the best of my abilities


Never one to be complacent

—  There is always a way to improve on a situation, a task or your skills.

Over the years I have been fortunate to both live and work in places that most only visit once in a lifetime. By doing so it has allowed me to learn and appreciate all the different aspects of enjoying the outdoors from being a surf instructor in Mexico to being an Ironman World Championship race mechanic on Hawaii Island. I embrace learning and challenges in every experience.

Certifications and Education:

  • AA Graphic Design

  • Specialized Management

  • Specialized Dynamic Suspension Tuning

  • Specialized BG Fit

  • Shimano S-Tec


  • Biomechanical assessment

  • Barnett Bicycle Mechanic

  • PSIA Snowboard

  • YMCA Skate Instructor

  • Udemy MBA

  • Udemy Web Development and UX Design

Software Proficiency:

  • PC and Mac

  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, lightroom and InDesign

  • Excel and Sheets

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Integration

  • Lightspeed (Merchant OS)

  • Square POS

  • Clover POS

  • Quickbooks POS

  • Squarespace

  • Wordpress

  • HTML

  • API integration

  • MailChimp



At Hood River Bicycles I held many roles. My main role was location Manager but I handled a lot more than that. By bringing my skills and experience I was able to grow the business and make it a major resource for the local and traveling cycling community.

Hood River Bicycles (Fat Tire Farm) Hood River OR - Manager + Web Designer

Brought the business up to speed by performing the following:

-Built and designed the website as well has handling all SEO and marketing

-Built and implemented a rental reservation program that is integrated into the POS and website

-Designed graphics and clothing for the house brand

-Performed extensive service and repairs on high end mountain bikes

-Aided in the growth and integration of the Hood River location with the main location/shop in Portland The Fat Tire Farm




At West End Bikes I started as a mechanic and quickly rose to become the General Manager by providing solutions for making a more efficient work environment in a changing landscape of bike shop retail. Sadly we wanted to live in the woods and not the city so my time was cut short.

West End Bikes (Specialized Concept Store), Portland OR- Manager

Implemented many systems to make a competitive and efficient retail environment by doing the following:

-Streamlined the service center to maximize profitability and customer interactions

-Aided in implementing a rental program

-Aided in graphic and clothing designs for the house brand

-Performed extensive service and repairs on high end road and mountain bikes

-Managed inventory and sales staff



West Maui Cycles was a great opportunity for me to spread my wings with Web Design and to learn the intricacies of implementing/integrating online reservations. Due to the volume of tourism, it presented a unique and consistent challenge to make a better customer interaction.

West Maui Cycles - Manager + Web Designer

Managed daily duties of sales and service staff
-Managed inventory and set strict goals on increasing the profitability of floor space and reducing shipping costs
-Managed online reservations and web integration using WebReserve
-Designed built and managed the website and SEO
-In charge of design, forecasting and ordering of custom clothing for West Maui Cycles
-Built and created a Specialized BG Fit studio along with a fit program for customers
-Operated X-Terra World Championship satellite location including major mechanic services



I was recruited to help grow a successful rental and bicycle tour business at Maui Cyclery. Being able to take people on a personal road bike tour up to the summit of Haleakala or on Hana Hwy was an amazing experience. I was able to become a part of the local MTB scene and help build some amazing trails.

Maui Cyclery/Go Cycling Maui - Manager

Managed daily duties as well as the following:

-Bicycle tour guiding and road mechanic duties
-Operated X-Terra World Championship satellite location including major mechanic services
-Implemented a cloud based POS system
-Implemented a cloud based bicycle reservation system
-Managed online reservations and web integration using WebReserve

-Aided in trail building to make a local MTB race at Bike Park Maui



After moving to Hawaii from Portland I found a welcome environment to get back into the challenge of retail, with the added twist of being the main shop for IronMan World Championships.

Bike Works Kona, Hawaii - Mechanic/Designer/Assistant Manager

Performed the following:

-Bicycle mechanic and secondary bike fitter
-IronMan World Championship Race mechanic
-Designed custom clothing and merchandise
-Implemented a cloud based bicycle reservation system
-Managed online reservations and web integration using WebReserve

-Aided in planning and implementation of a 2nd location

-Assistant manager at 2nd location in Waikoloa



After sadly closing Ride This I moved back into the industry side of bikes. By bringing many needed skills to a smaller operation I was able to make and instill big changes that helped lay the groundwork for Cyclone Bicycle Supply to grow in the future.

Cyclone Bicycle Supply, Portland OR - Warehouse Purchaser/Graphic Designer

Primary job position was purchasing and inventory management that included the following:

-Placing orders with international vendors
-Created weekly and monthly sales and marketing documents
-In charge of forecasting and purchasing bicycle parts for supply to national bicycle shops
-Managed inventory levels for the warehouse

Secondary job position was the In-house Graphic Designer and I performed the following duties:
-Completed 2009 catalog and created a comprehensive database to manage 8000 part numbers and specifications

-Created a database that was used to lay the groundwork for a B2B website
-Handled marketing and design for monthly and weekly publications
-Worked extensively with overseas factories on creating and designing new house branded product
-Revamped company logo and implemented new business identity



I was invited to be on the ground floor of a new business in Portland OR. It was to be a custom online bike shop that was way ahead of its time but sadly the recession hit and well….

Ride This, Portland OR - Purchaser/Division Manager

Primary job position was purchasing and inventory management for the Ride Track division:

-Placing and coordinating orders with vendors based on custom bike builds
-Inhouse custom wheel builder
-Assisted in implementation of integration of vendor databases to our website
-Online customer service



I held many overlapping jobs ranging from construction of new MTB trails for the Northstar Bike Park, building and managing an indoor skatepark and making surfboards in Mexico.

Northstar Bike Park, Open Ground Skatepark, Costa Azul Surf Shop (Mexico) and more

A lot of lessons were learned performing all of these jobs including:

-Operating heavy machinery, trail building and ecology management (Northstar)

-Building, maintaining and managing an indoor skatepark (Open Ground)

-Surf, Skate and Bike instruction

-Surfboard manufacturing including glassing, shaping and painting (Costa Azul)

-Skate and snowboard retail sales and service (Crescent Downworks + Greggs Greenlake)

-Snowboard instruction at level 3 - Freestyle focus (Stevens Pass WA)

-Private Ski guide and instructor (Yellowstone Club MT)



This was my first professional graphic design job after art college. It also allowed me the opportunity to be a stand in bike parts designer and learn the process of working with overseas factories.

Seattle Bike Supply (Redline Bikes) Kent WA - Graphic + Product Designer

A lot of lessons were learned performing all of these jobs including:

-Designed graphics, packaging and catalogues for inhouse brands

-Designed helmets, pads and gloves. Including materials used, graphics and industrial design

-Worked with overseas MFG to create new product and packaging

-Assisted in creating a photo database for the soon to be launched B2b