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Graphic Logical Creative and always getting RAD


Nathan Blades

I grew up in the Reno/Tahoe area which allowed me to cultivate a love for the outdoors. Having a good support network of family and friends that were all active athletes allowed me to grow both as an athlete and in my appreciation of the sports and how to be a part of the outdoor industry. I was also fortunate to have two family members become olympic athletes and one went on to win Le Tour De France. Having that as my “standard” for performance has cultivated a need to strive to be the best I can be at whatever I apply myself.

From the beginning I was always both drawing and learning how to fix or rebuild everything around me. One of my favorite things to do growing up was to figure out how things worked by taking them apart. My mind works on a highly visual level which allows me to be able to imagine in my mind how to do something similar to a 3D model rendering in your mind. After high school I needed to make a decision to either pursue my dream of becoming a professional athlete or an artist. I made the decision to become a designer and cater my skills to the outdoor sports industry.

As far as a designer I tend to gravitate to the simple and graphic approach. Less is more in my book. The ability to find the balance in the negative space that you only see subconsciously is something I try to challenge myself with constantly.

I have always been tinkering with bikes since a kid so it was natural to stay working in the Bicycle Industry during and after going to Art School. Over the years, that has allowed me to be able to both be a designer for the business that I worked at as well as an employee. I have put my analytical brain to use and love learning and mastering all there is to bicycle wrenching.

I have been fortunate to have experience in almost every aspect of the Cycling Industry from retail to distribution to instruction. That breadth of knowledge and experience allows me to approach every task at hand with a unique perspective to come up with creative solutions.

I am currently residing in Hood River Oregon with my wife Jenna and our 2 dogs who are always down for adventure.

Phone: 808.250.7715 • Email: goodtimesmanifest@gmail.com